Congratulations and thank you for sharing!

- Amina Elbendary (Women and Memory, Egypt)

Many many congratulations! What a wonderful achievement. I will look forward to reading the website, sending its details on to others and 'basking' in it. You have done a great job This is a magnificent achievement.

- Liz Gunner, Jo'burg, South Africa

Warm greetings from Dar es Salaam. Already there are two proposals to research on how women have been depicted in Kiswahili literary genres. The proverbs have inspired a good number of students. Congratulations!

- Asante sana, Aldin Mutembei, Tanzania

GEWELDIG! Wat een mooie site!

- Sherman De Jesus, Utrecht NL

Dear Professor Mineke Schipper, May I extend my congratulations on the new website I will certainly make access to this site very often from now on.

- Takashi Matsumoto, Japan

I had been looking for work that weaved the stands of text, image, folk perspectives and soulful empowerment together…..which you do so incredibly well. So thank you for your work, it has helped me out enormously. Would you mind at some stage if I contacted you for discussion on similar themes?

- Karin Mackay, University of Western Sydney in Australia

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement and thanks for sharing part of it with us in Bellagio. Well done dear friend.

- Banji Oyeyinka, Nairobi

Je viens de visiter le site de ton travail sur les proverbes. Toutes mes félicitations! Tu viens de mettre à la disposition de tous un outil précieux qui servira à toutes les disciplines des Sciences humaines.

- Clémentine Nzuji, Louvain la Neuve

Dear Prof. Schipper, I saw the announcement and was waiting for it to be launched. It is a great project, congratulations! Bhaswati

- Bhattacharya, India

Félicitations, Mineke! J’ai eu grand plaisir à parcourir ton achèvement. Bien à toi

- Aliko Songolo, RD Congo/University Wisconsin Madison USA

Quelle idée splendide d'avoir mis au point ce site des « femmes en proverbes » avec un corpus aussi riche et des liens si astucieux. Vraiment bravo ! Je vais en parler à mes collègues du LLACAN à notre prochaine rencontre ainsi qu'aux doctorants du labo. Plusieurs travaillent sur le proverbe.

- Jean Derive, Université de Savoie

Dear Prof Schipper, I’m writing this email to thank you for your wonderful research, which inspired me so much during the completion of my thesis. Your work has given me many ideas and encouraged me to carry on criticizing sexual biases in Kazakh traditional literature

- Guldana Salimjan, Xinjiang University, Urumqi, China